POZ Personals

POZ Personals

POZ Personals

Star Rating on POZ Personals

  • Credibility: score 9.5
  • Change of Getting Decent Dates: score 9.6
  • Dating Features & Settings: score 9.5
  • Value for Money: score 9.6
  • Safety & Privacy Protection: score 9.5
  • Customer Service & Support: score 9.5

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POZ Personals features one of the largest membership base with around 100,000 profiles of people with HIV and AIDS. This website provides amazing facilities which help people plunge into the HIV dating world in an easier way. It is the most famous HIV dating site in the world. Our editor think it is a credible dating site as most people who have ever used the site say ‘YES’ to it.

Best Dating Features:

  • Free to create a profile and upload personal photos.
  • View and edit up to 25 footprints.
  • Free to initiate limited messages / flirts to others.
  • Free to post comments and say ‘YES’ & ‘Likes’ to others’ profiles and photos.
  • Update in-time personal status and browse others’ at any time.
  • Search others in nearby cities and local states. You can also use advanced search to find people by ‘ZIP’, ‘body type’, ‘ username’…
  • Get help and advice from HIV expert and herpes dating adviser.
  • Read HIV dating tips and safety tips while dating.
  • Initiate chatting and emailing to people whom you are interested in.
  • Create private album and share private photos to your close friends and the persons whom you are going to date with.
  • Access to the largest HIV blogs and discuss your personal issues and concerns with others in the best herpes dating forum.
  • Access to the largest HIV community and read news.


POZ personals provides valuable dating service with a low cost.

  • 1 month for $9.99
  • 3 months for $19.99
  • 6 months for $29.99
  • 12 months for $49.99

Customer Service:

POZ Personals is one of the few players who provides 24 x 7 customer service to its customers. You don’t have to wait once creating a profile or sending out a feedback. People can also call its phone customer service group to solve the problem if the previous problem is unsolved. Also, you can expect to get sooner reply by going to its ‘Contact us’ page and send out feedback over there.

Safety & Privacy Protection: 

  • This website has its own POZ magazine and methods on prevention HIV. Users there can read news and prevention tips to protect themselves and others.
  • This site does never sell your personal information to any others or any third party.
  • This website performs serious check to new registrations and internal emails to make sure no dating scams. And, any report on scams will get a prompt reply within 2 hours. This is really perfect to dating with no scams.
  • Any site affiliated with ‘POZ.com’ must agree to its policy to protect the privacy of its users.

 What’s Bad with POZ Personals ? 

  • It is not good in design. Our editor tried to open the site with firefox, IE and Chrome. It is in mess though it works in both IE and FireFox.
  • This website does not have dating app. And, its mobile site is not so friendly to use. Our editor finds it is a little difficult to find related links he wanted with the mobile site.
  • This website is more like a social community for HIV people. It acts weaker in the dating side.
  • This website does not take measures to hide users’ privacy. You may see the photos of real people everywhere without log-in.


Though there is an established player in the HIV Dating field. POZ Personals is becoming popular with its amazing features and measures on protecting the privacy and safety of its users. It is hard to face the fact that we are diagnosed with HIV / AIDS. But it is another story to manage our life after that. It is not the end of the life. Join ‘POZ Personals’ and give yourself a better life in the romantic world!

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