Positive Singles

Positive Singles

Star Rating on PositiveSingles.com

  • Credibility: score 9.9
  • Change of Getting Decent Dates: score 9.9
  • Dating Features & Settings: score 9.9
  • Value for Money: score 9.9
  • Safety & Privacy Protection: score 9.7
  • Customer Service & Support: score 9.7

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PositiveSingles.com is a utilitarian dating site for people living with herpes, HIV, AIDS and HPV. It carters to people with herpes and other STDs, delighting them with consumer-generated content and dating features to help them find dates again. This is considered as the most popular matchmaking site for herpes as it is widely favored by people who have ever used the site. Just like ‘Google’ in search engine field and ‘iPhone’ in smart phone field, ‘Positive Singles’ acts as the leader in the herpes dating field. It controls a little over 50% of the herpes dating market. We pick it as the most credible dating site in this niche field.

Best Dating Features: 

  • Creating an account: to have a profile with PositiveSingles.com is totally free and quite easy. After taking two steps on filling your name, age, gender, height, body type and write something about your match and yourself, everything is done. There is one step that is worthy to be mentioned. You have to tell your STD type and write something about your condition concerned to STD if you want to use its service. This ensures its users can use it for searching people with the same type of STD later. And, when someone is interested in you, he/she can know you better.STD Type
  • Perform a search: If you are from US, Canada, United Kingdom or Australia, a simple search with a local ZIP code yields at least 500 users in your city or nearby cities. Our editor got satisfactory results by setting criteria to different age, gender,distance, STD type and even keywords. And, people can also save the search criteria for next-time use.
  • Herpes dating advice & safety tips. With 1300+ STD dating advice and safety tips, PositiveSingles.com finds out its own way to support herpes people succeed in finding their matches. Herpes members can either read the advice and tips or share theirs’. This feature was picked as the best dating feature by iDate in 2014.
  • Latest activities. With the help of this tool, all of the logged in members of the site can be notified when there is anyone at the site has any action. And, it helps those get more responses from others.                                       activity
  • Live STD Dating advisor and STD expert. The live dating advisor listens to each question carefully and provides suggestions with deep thought. Now, it has become a popular feature of Positive Singles. And, it helps around 30 to 50 herpes users solve their problems when dating someone at the website.
  • Private album. PositiveSingles.com sets up this feature based on the demands of its users. Most herpes people do not want their photos to be displayed to others until they want to do that. At PositiveSingles.com, everyone can set up a private album and has the right to decide who can review it while who cannot. This is a good setting to protect the privacy of all members.
  • Herpes forums / blogs. You can find the most active forums / blogs concerned to herpes topic at PositiveSingles.com. Everything that is legal can be placed here.
  • Hot topic. Every one week or two, a hot topic will be placed on the site. Everyone is welcomed to post comment on it. This helps people keep head on something they are not sure.
  • PositiveSingles.com has many dating help feature like ‘First date ideas’, ‘ STD Q&A’, ‘Inspirational stories’, ‘Treatment stories’ etc. Meanwhile, with the internal message system, herpes people can easily initiate contacts to others and keep touch with them for dating.
  •  Humanized internal pages links. At ‘Positive Singles’, you can go to any page you want with at most 3 clicks. Suppose you receive a wink from a handsome man, that’s for sure you want to see the full profile and photos of him after you see his wink at your email box. And, if you are interested in him, you want to add him to your favorite list. Now, you can do all of these things within 3 seconds. By clicking on the username, you see the full profile of the man. And, by clicking on ‘Add to favorites’, you will go to your favorites list. Dating becomes a fun at PositiveSingles.com with those humanized internal links.demo

 Cost on membership service:

  • PositiveSingles.com is free to standard members. Standard members can enjoy services like creating a free profile, sending free winks, posting comments on others, creating free blogs/forums, creating personal favorites / blocked people lists…
  • Users need to pay for enjoying the website service without any restriction. After becoming a paying member, you can initiate emailing and chatting to others. These two are considered as the most important communication tools to break the ice for dating. Below is the cost on the gold membership service at PositiveSingles.com.
    • 1 month for $29.95
    • 3 months for $59.95 with a discount
    • 6 months for $95.95 with a discount 

Customer Service:

Differing from other dating sites, PositiveSingles.com provides 24 x 7 customer service to its website users. Anyone can expect to get an prompt reply within 1-2 hours after you send the feedback. This site also provides an online helper service called ‘Dating Advisor’. A dating expert is online for around 8-10 hour every day to answer any question you may have. This is really a good value service for money.

Safety & Privacy Protection:

PositiveSingles.com does not conduct any background check for any of the new clients. And, it never discloses any of your personal information to any others and any third party. PositiveSingles.com and all sites affiliated with it does not use its users’ photos with any commercial activities. Any violation will leads to serious lawsuit.

Any users including these new comers are rewarded with the rights to read all the safety tips that are worked out by ‘PositiveSingles’ and all of its members. You may know how to protect yourself when dating someone with herpes.

Mobile Apps:

  • Apple app: http://itunes.apple.com/app/positivesingles/id411680724?mt=8             The app is designed for both iPhone and iPad devices. It is ranked as the No.1 herpes dating app by iTunes store and iTunes users. Visitors can download the app by searching ‘herpes dating’ with iTunes store. There is no cost for downloading the app. Users have to purchase the gold membership with in-app purchase of iTunes. The in-app purchase price is listed below:
  • $39.99 for 1 month gold membership
  • $69.99 for 3 months gold membership
  • $109.99 for 6 months gold membership

Android app:


This app is ranked as the No.1 dating app by google play and the users who use it. There is no cost for downloading the app. And the cost on gold membership service is the same as that for users who use the website with PC. It also provides in-app purchase and paypal payment methods for all users using the positivesingles’ android app.

Objective Verdict:

PositiveSingles.com  is a great dating website for herpes singles, HIV singles and HPV singles. It has the largest number of members in this niche dating field. The experience we had on PositiveSingles.com was great. 90% of the people we talked with are satisfied with the website they surfer with.

We actually placed ads on some general dating sites like match.com and eHarmony. From the first beginning, you may feel you have found the right place for dating. We got many flirting from people in my local area. However, we found that they were not the right people we were looking for in later communication. The reason was that none of them would accept that when you told them you have herpes.

Having herpes is a bad news for the life. But it is not the end of the life. We still want love. We must be assertive and creating when we are ready to date someone. Tell them the truth and find the one who have the same type of STD that we have. PositiveSingles.com makes everything happen. Don’t be hesitate, join the most popular herpes dating site now!

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