Meet People with Herpes

Meet People With Herpes

Meet People with Herpes

Star Rating on

  • Credibility: score 9.3
  • Chance of Getting Decent Dates: Score 9.0
  • Dating Features & Settings: Score 9.0
  • Value for Money: Score 9.0
  • Safety & Privacy Protection: score 9.2
  • Customer Service & Support: Score 9.0

Visit calls itself as the No.1 dating site for men and women living with herpes. Our editor had a survey on this ‘herpes dating site’ which is ranked as the No.1 by Google with the keyword. At the first beginning, your eyes and heart will be caught by the well-designed interface. The clasping hands gives people warmth and hope.

The history of can be traced back to 1999. It was one of the main competitors of and it was one of the most famous herpes dating sites online. In 2013, this site was sold to which manages several niche dating sites. Now, the new site was redesigned with fresh dating features and is totally free to use, just like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

Best Dating Features:

  • Registration is quite simple and it takes no more than 5 minutes to have a profile over there. Even for those who are not good at typing, it costs no more than 10 minutes. Enter necessary personal information like username, age, country as the first registration step. Then write something about yourself and your idea match as the second step. The last step is to add a photo. Then everything is done and you are on the trip to have a dating with others who live with the same condition as you.
  • Search. As a member at, you can search others by username, location and set some criteria to search. You can even browse the profiles of the new players. It was great experience to use the search function over there. And, 60% of the search results returns you with satisfactory.
  • Open forums / blogs. You can talk about anything that is concerned with herpes with the open forum and blog over there. All posts will be displayed to others without moderation. Everyone should be responsible for the words they are typing over there.
  • Let’s meet. This is something like ‘Rapid Match’ at Whatever, this is a good feature to meet others. No one cares who is the originator but who helps more.
  • At this website, if you find someone nearby. And, he / she matches you very much. You can send a short message to him / her for requesting more photos anonymous.
  • Internal message system like that for most dating sites. By joining, you can send winks, short messages and emails to people whom you are interested in without paying or just entering with your credit card information. Who says there is no free lunch ? This is wrong at

 Cost & Price: is a totally free herpes dating site for people with HSV-1 and HSV-2. There is no cost to use any of its current features. And, there is no hidden cost to use this website at the moment.

Safety & Privacy Protection: 

Though this is a free herpes dating site, the ‘MPWH’ team attaches much significance to users’ safety & privacy problem. Here is the list of measures they take to protect its users.

  • New members whose profile has not been approved cannot use the website.
  • All photos of members cannot be copied or downloaded in technique. Anyone who uses others’ photos without permission will take bears full responsibility. These wordings can be found in its service agreement.
  • ‘Quick Exit’ button to hide your personal information and actions from your friends, companies and workmates.
  • Allow clients to send out at most 20 winks per day. It successfully limits the chance of sending out emails / winks in a spamming way.
  • Easy to report scams and spammers to the admin. This website leaves a link ‘Report concern’ to every profile. Once you find someone with spamming or scam activities, you can report him / her to the admin in the first place. And, all the reports are dealt by team in priority.

 Customer Service & Support: 

Unlike other free dating sites, has a professional customer service team. They deal with new users’ profiles and new updates to profiles within 48 hours. And, the average waiting time for getting a reply for your feedback is around 24 to 32 hours. For a totally free dating site, that’s enough.

 What’s Bad with ? 

  • This website is quite new since successfulmatch company manages it. So, it has much fewer users at the website. You won’t expect to find a decent date in very short time. And you won’t expect to get quick response after you send emails to others.
  • This website does not have a system to screen users who have herpes and who don’t have. Sometimes, you may see many users who can be your matches. But you don’t know how to start because you don’t know if they have herpes or not. And, you don’t know what type of STD they have. This is really a headache for its members.
  • This website lack moderation on blogs / forums. Sometimes, you see negative posts there for weeks unless you report them to the admin.

 Verdict: is a wonderful place for herpes dating. For those herpes people who want free dating services, it can be called heaven. If you don’t care about that there are few members in your local area, this is not a bad choice for you.


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