Herpes Passions

Herpes Passions

Herpes Passions

Star Rating on HerpesPassions.com:

  • Credibility: Score 8.1
  • Chance of Getting Decent Dates: Score 8.1
  • Dating Features & Settings: score 8.5
  • Value for Money: Score 8.0
  • Safety & Privacy Protection: Score 8.1
  • Customer Service & Support: Score 8.0

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HerpesPassions.com is part of the Passion’s network. It is a free herpes dating site and social networking site for singles who have herpes. Dating with genital herpes and other STDs can be difficult. It is one of the hardest thing to tell your partner you have a disease. It gives people dirty and flawed impression if you disclose your diagnosis to others. But you are not out of the dating game.

At HerpesPassions.com, people know your disease ahead of your dating. All you need to tell is the exact type of your STD. Meeting someone is easy here with free chat and emailing. There is no reason to stop looking for love and fun after the disease.

Best Dating Features:

  •  Becoming a free member at ‘Herpes Passions’ is quite easy and simple. You can either choose to connect with your FaceBook account or sign up with your personal email address. If you choose the later one, you need to correctly type the image security code to process. And, email validation is a must before you can use the website. Connect-with-Facebook
  • There are 4 types of search at this website. You can choose to search by username, keyword, groups / passions or just use an advanced search. The advanced search allows you to set criteria with age, gender, weight, location, height with your search. One thing that needs to be mentioned here is that you can choose to search on ‘herpespassions.com’ only or search through the passions network sites or the sites that you joined through the passions network. If you choose the later two, people who are at your search result pages may not have interest in a person who have herpes.Search-wide
  • Free chat & emailing to any member you are interested in.
  • Free to post in blogs / forums
  • Videos / Fun Stuff. You can upload videos and create your own herpes video channel here.
  • Useful books to know more about herpes care and treatment.

Cost & Price:

  • Free to user the website features including emailing and chat.
  • If you want to become a member of all sites of passions network, you need to pay $4.95 monthly.
  • Hidden cost on buying passions points to access some fun features.

 Safety & Privacy Protection:

  • New comers have to validate the emails to use the website.
  • Security image code to preventing fake registrations from robots.

 Customer Service & Support:

Herpespassions.com claims to be the largest free online herpes dating service in the world. It does not offer any customer service at all.

 What’s Bad with HerpesPassions.com ?

  • Hidden cost though it promises to be a totally free dating site.
  • Few active members and online members with the chat.
  • The search does not return with results you want.
  • Your personal information will be shared with all sites within the network of Passions. It is not good for protecting personal information and privacy.
  • Most of the users have no photos. Difficult to find a decent date.
  • No customer service.


HerpesPassions.com is one of the originated free herpes dating sites in the world. It has good designed features. If it can get more people to join the network and provides online dating service without hidden cost, it would be a great platform for those people who want free dating. Meanwhile, this website has to pay more attention to protect its users personal information. Never use users’ personal information for any commercial purpose no matter what the reason is.

Visit HerpesPassions.com


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