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Star Rating on HerpesDating.org

  • Credibility: score 9.7
  • Chance of Getting Decent Dates: score 9.5
  • Dating Features & Settings: score 9.6
  • Value for Money: score 9.5
  • Safety & Privacy Protection: score 9.4
  • Customer Service & Support: score 9.5

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HerpesDating.org is exclusively for people with herpes. It is the fastest growing community  by comparing with the other dating websites in this niche field. It has amazing dating features like chat rooms, flirting and internal short message systems. It is also a supportive H group for people with herpes to get herpes care, inspiration stories, herpes dating advice and safety tips… It is affiliated with ‘Positive Singles’. People whom they are served give high rank to the service since it takes various measures to protect users’ personal information, safety and privacy. This is a credible H dating website.

Best Dating Features:

  • HerpesDating.org asks its members to enter with necessary personal information on their herpes type. It forms a platform for users to search others with the same herpes type no matter they are HSV-1 or HSV-2.
  • Verification. HerpesDating.org provides a way for anyone with an account at the website to verify photo/age/income/occupation/education. It is simple to get verified. Users can either send a copy of the passport or driver’s license to the customer service center or send a photo of themselves by holding their sign up online. You don’t need to worry about that your personal information will be sold or disclosed to any third party. The material is just used to verify your account. HerpesDating.org is obligate to keep it as privacy. If you are willing to show others you are true and expect to get more responses, you may need to get your accounted to be verified.          verification
  • Highlight profile in search results pages and get more responses. Users can highlight their profiles by sending requests to the admin. And their profiles will be highlighted with a different and beautiful background when others see his/her profile at the search result pages. This will obviously increase your chance to get more responses and find the dates.
  • HerpesDating.org provides various settings for users to search the exact people they want. There, you can search by birthday, astrological, compatible matches, first date ideas, positive fashion show… Every time, our editor got exact results for the search.
  • Compatible matches. HerpesDating.org has an amazing feature that can be called dating helper. The system automatically picks compatible matches whose match criteria you best fit. The system automatically filter out them by matching their criteria on height, STD type, body type, weight etc. It is the best dating helper feature we have ever tried.


HerpesDating.org has two groups of members. One is standard members group and the other one is gold members group. The privileges from gold members to standard members are mainly on initiating chatting and emailing to others. This setting is like most of the dating sites.

  • Free to standard members.
  • Gold membership cost:                                                                                                                1 month for $29.95                                                                                                                        3 months for $59.95 after discount                                                                                          6 months for $95.95 after discount 

Customer Service: 

HerpesDating.org has a professional customer service team to serve its members. The expected waiting time for a new profile to be approved is around 1-2 hours. Our editor also wrote to support@herpesdating.org, he got a prompt reply in 30 minutes. And, the issue related to billing will be solved in 24 hours. Even you requests a refund, the issue is solved within 48 hours after their customer service department forwards your request to their payment department. That’s really a professional customer service team.

Safety & Privacy Protection: 

As one of the leading dating sites in the herpes niche field, HerpesDating.org takes the following measures to protect users’ safety and privacy.

  • It has restrict rule to forbid any of its affiliate partners to use their users’ photos or any personal information for any commercial use. Offenders will be prosecuted.
  • Users’ photos cannot be downloaded in technique.
  • The customer service team review every new profile and every new change to any profile within 2 hours to make sure no fake users and registrations.
  • Any scamming activity will be tracked by the admin in technique. The user will be blocked in 5 minutes once it is confirmed.
  • HerpesDating.org proceeds IP check to each registration and new log-in address. All the IP addresses, emails and cookies that were used by former scammers are restored in the database of HerpesDating.org. Later registrations by using these stuff will be blocked by its system automatically.


HerpesDating.org is an exclusive and professional dating site for herpes singles only. It provides a unique and comfortable enviroment for people with herpes to meet for dating, friendship, pen-pal and other romantic relationships. You don’t need to worry about the safety and privacy problem there since it has the most perfect system in the dating industry. The chance to meet a decent and local date is much higher at this website. It is one of the original and remains to be one of the largest herpes dating community in the world. You can get a good customer service support while enjoying a happy dating trip at HerpesDating.org. Why not give it a try ?

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