People with HSV1 and HSV2 don’t like to meet people living with HIV for dating

According to the latest statistics, there are about half a billion persons living with living with HVS 1 and 2. Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that one in every six persons aged between 14 and 49 years in United States are living with HSV. In general terms the genital herpes statistics are quoted as approximately twenty five percent for women while for men it is ten percent. When it comes to HIV, current statistics indicate that 36.5 million persons are living with the virus. Approximately one million persons are HIV positive in United States.

Generally dating among people with HSV and HIV is rare, in most cases you will find that people with HSV do not like meeting those with HIV. In some situation you may find that those who HIV also has HSV but still dating between these two groups are not common. There are some reasons which have been advanced to explain this situation. The fact that the two conditions are viral may precipitate the argument that these two groups should have no problem dating especially given that they face stigma almost in equal measure. This is not the case, most of those with HSV have preferred partners with the same type of virus often citing HIV as more stigmatized. They also cite the difficulties in management of HIV especially when the disease is advanced as a reason why they do not want a partner who is HIV positive.

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How to choose the right herpes dating site for you ?

STD Smiling Couple

STD Smiling Couple

How to choose the right herpes dating site for you ?

Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease (STD) which makes the affected men and women socially outcast from normal people. Like AIDS, Gonorrhea or other sexually transmitted diseases, herpes too make the patients physically and even emotionally untouchables to other people who otherwise would have been interested in dating with them. But these unfortunate herpes patients also want to date with suitable partners, who will not shun them just for their disease.

Some special dating sites are now operating only for the herpes and other STD patients, where any herpes patient can enroll themselves and consequently enjoy life with similar dating partners. These sites are created so that these herpes patients do not find themselves out of all love and fun of dating, just because they are detected with genital herpes virus. After all, their personalities remain the same as before, attractive or loving as they used to be before getting contaminated by this painful virus.

Free herpes dating sites:

Now few awesome herpes dating sites are launched, which offer completely free service to the herpes patients, regarding their search for a dating partner with similar condition. As the number of people infected with herpes simplex virus (HSV) is constantly on the rise in the USA, the popularity of these free herpes dating sites is also increasing day by day.

      Pros of these free dating sites

  • The main benefit of these sites is that all the members are well aware of the herpes infection of their fellow co-members of these social networking sites. Hence, there is no chance of freshly infecting any fit person with this virus, while dating with him/her.
  • These dating sites are absolutely safe for use, as every profile is well checked before completing their registration in any of these sites. If any person is found to be annoyingly disturbing for others, his/her membership is immediately cancelled. Thus, the members can be absolutely sure about maintaining their privacy, while being safe with their co-members of these sites. Special safety tips are also provided to the members of these sites.
  • Most of these dating sites have the feature of open forum or blogs about the credibility of herpes dating, where all the members can participate and share their views about any related topic, thereby benefitting from these discussions. These members can also share their passions on these forums and obtain much knowledge and information about their interests. These discussions also help them in finding like-minded partners for dating from these sites.
  • All these free herpes dating sites have got the feature of free online chatting among the members of each particular site, which is the vital key to find the dating partners of these members. These members can share their emotions and interests through emails or message boards of the sites as well, if not always available online, to chat with their friends or dates.
  • Many of these sites provide live support from the counselors or expert advisors on dating, so that the herpes patients can get over their initial worries or uneasiness about dating, after been afflicted with this disease. These patients are also informed about herpes care centers or the legal information regarding this blistered ailment.

    Cons of the free herpes dating sites –

  • As these sites do not charge anything from their members, it is difficult for the site-owners to spend much on advertising. Hence, the popularity and the increase in numbers of members depend mainly on the existing members, who need to spread the word about these sites among their own circles.

Paid platforms for dating of herpes patients:

There are many dating sites for the herpes patients, which charge some amount of money from their members, in return for their incredible services. But mostly it is seen that the herpes patients do not find the charges too expensive for them to bear, compared to their happiness in finding like-minded and similarly infected dating partners, instead of being left out alone.

Pros of paid herpes dating sites –

  • As the paid dating sites charge monthly or quarterly fees from their members, they are known to be providing very good services on finding suitable dates for their members and give live effective tips from the expert counselors on dating and how to cope with their disease.
  • Best features of any dating site are available on these sites, including the free online chatting or messaging to other members and unlimited uploading facility of pictures and videos of the members.
  • These special sites are built up as communities only for STD patients, so there is no chance of spreading of any contagious disease due to unawareness of the dating partners.
  • These sites are specially made so that the members find it very easy to navigate through the site and to search for their dating partners.

Cons of paid herpes dating sites –

  • Though some dating sites offer a trial period to the members, most of the sites remain blocked till the interested herpes patients pay the required membership fees.
  • Few of the best herpes dating sites have very high membership fees, which may be difficult for everyone to afford regularly.
  • All the paid dating sites do not have a very large membership base, which makes it difficult for their members to find suitable dates for themselves.

Dating websites for HSV singles only:

As the HSV afflicted population is constantly growing with each passing day, the need of love and romance of these patients also seems to be on the high. Now herpes is known as one of the most contagious STD among the people of all ages; so these patients need special care and attention, both for their physical and mental health.

Pros of dating sites for HSV singles –

  • Earlier it used to spread more due to ignorance and people’s reluctance of speaking about it in front of others. But now these special dating sites for these patients have enabled them to speak openly about their problems to the other patients suffering similarly.
  • As these dating sites provide dating partners only among the registered HSV singles, there is hardly any chance of further spreading of this virus through skin or sexual contacts.
  • The herpes patients can be assured of finding their dating partners in these dating sites, as there will be no fear of rejection from their chosen dating partner due to their disease, as it would have been in case of healthier partners.
  • Most of these sites provide valuable information about the way of dealing with the herpes virus, which usually have got very less chance of complete cure from the body of the patients.

Dating websites for all STD singles:

There are many websites which are meant not only for herpes patients, but for people suffering from any sexually transmitted disease, including HIV or other contagious virus. As these patients are looked lowly by other people, they urge for sympathy and love from their similar kind. These dating sites serve this purpose of providing romance and love to the life of these lonely STD singles, thus helping them to back in the normal life again. These healthy relationships motivate them to fight their diseases more energetically and positively.

Herpes dating sites for a dedicated country or location:

Some herpes dating sites are meant for people of only a particular country, so the citizens of that country are only accepted as members of that site. Though this practice is not too much common, there are few websites of UK, Australia and Latin American countries, which provide membership only to the herpes patients of their countries, thus blocking access to any other herpes patient of the world. Thus, the members of these sites cannot expect to gain dating partners of any other country of the world, if they cannot find someone suitable from their own land.

Herpes dating sites for people all over the world:

Most of the herpes dating sites are open for the herpes patients all over the world and do not even discriminate between the gay or the people with straight sexual orientation. They accept membership from people all over USA, Canada, UK and Australia, the countries with maximum record of herpes infliction. Their members can enjoy online dating and even friendship with the similar kind of people from any country of the world.

Hence, it depends on the personal choice and the requirements of a herpes patient that which herpes dating site he/she will choose for getting a suitable dating partner. As basically most of these sites operate likewise, the detailed pros and cons of each site may be considered before enrolling in any one of them as a member.

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