Herpes Anonymous

herpes anonymous

herpes anonymous

Star Rating on HerpesAnonymous.com

  • Credibility: score 8.5
  • Change of Getting Decent Dates: Score 8.2
  • Dating Features & Settings: score 8.4
  • Value for Money: Score 8.2
  • Safety & Privacy Protection: Score 8.1
  • Customer Service & Support: Score 8.0

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HerpesAnonymous.com is a completely & absolutely free dating & support community for dating and social networking. If you are singles who have herpes or STD daters, this website may be the right place for you. It offers an anonymous environment for herpes singles to interact with potential lovers, friends, pen-pal and sexual partners and so on. You can also get help from others and know more knowledge about HSV treatment, medication information and diagnosis by reading herpes news and articles.

This website has a simple look from the first eye impression. However, it has much more powerful features than what you can imagine. We rank it as the #8 in our top 10 list not because it is worse than other sites but it is more like a social support group other than a dating site.

Best Dating Features: 

  • Registration. There is just one step to complete the registration. All they need is your personal information like your gender, name, age etc. The difference is that there is a security image for you to enter with for finishing the registration.
  • The search. This website has 4 search options for its users. The 1st one is to search by profile ID. The 2nd one is to search by nickname. The 3rd one is to search others by tag. When someone’s writing matches your search, his/her profile will be displayed at the search result pages. The last one is the simple search that allows you to set search criteria like gender, age, city to search.
  • Groups. HerpesAnonymous.com allows its active members to create groups in different cities and countries. As far as we see, there are totally 15 groups in Canada and 53 groups in USA. It also provides a search option for users to search groups by tags. Non-active members are restricted to create groups.herpes-groups
  • Forums / Blogs. All members are authorized to have posts at the forums and blogs. Unfortunately, we see the latest post at forum was made 56 days ago and the latest post in blog spot was made 47 days ago.
  • Herpes News. This is an empty page.
  • Herpes Links / Herpes Books / Herpes Treatment. All we can find from these 3 pages is advertisement of other sites and the Amazon goods for sale.

Safety & Privacy Protection:

Indeed, we failed to find any effective method this site has to protect the safety and privacy of its members. Maybe the only one can be that a new comer have to contact the administration to become an active member so that he/she can use the service.

Customer Service & Support:

Bad customer service team. We created a profile over there and waited 72 hours. It still had not been approved. Finally, we sent email to its webmaster. We waited another 3 days for our profile to be approved. The worst thing is you can do nothing without an active account. In a word, there is no customer service for this website.

 What’s Bad with HerpesAnonymous.com ? 

  • This is a dead site. There is nearly no active members at this website.
  • Very few people have photos with their profiles. Very difficult to find a decent date.
  • No customer service. You can do nothing unless your profile is approved by the admin. The bad thing is that he will not approve it unless you contact him.
  • The site is full of advertisement. We assume the purpose of the site is for ad but not for dating.
  • Too many empty pages. From the ‘chat’ page to ‘herpes news’ page, you can find nothing.


This website is not worthy of a trial. Don’t waste your time on such a ‘dating site’ that is sending advertisement to its members. Totally a dead site.

Visit HerpesAnonymous.com

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