H Date

H Date

H Date

Star Rating on H-Date.com

  • Credibility: score 9.5
  • Change of Getting Decent Dates: score 9.5
  • Dating Features & Settings: score 9.6
  • Value for Money: Score 9.0
  • Safety & Privacy Protection: Score 9.0
  • Customer Service & Support: Score 8.5

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H-Date, an exclusive dating site for herpes and HPV , has around 45,000 registered members in its network. By featuring some real members’ profiles at the homepage, it helps a lots of people with herpes succeed in finding their matches. This platform is yet one of the inclusions to the top herpes dating sites though it does not have a fresh interface that easily excites us. This website promises to be a totally free dating site without any hidden cost. Unlike other STD dating sites, H-Date.com gives you full access to any of its features to communicate with others for free. We rank it as the #4 in our top 10 list mainly based on this.

 Best Dating Features:

  • It is totally free to become a member at H-Date.com. The registration is quite complicated there. You have to verify your personal email in order to become a member there.                                                              active After verification, you have to tell everything about yourself and your idea match. After that, you can write something about your personality and describe something about your match. It needs around 30 minutes to come up with a full profile over there.
  • Voting polls. This feature is designed for H-Date users to vote some hot topics about STD. To be frank, our editor doesn’t know why it is there.
  • Events. There are some events organized by H-Date group from time to time. Members there have chances to meet in person with the help of this feature.
  • Search. H-Date has a simple search function at its website. Unlike the major dating sites in this niche field, H-Date.com just allows its members to search by STD type, location, age and username.
  • Sending emails to others for free. There is an internal short message system at H-Date.com. You can email to anyone for free at the website.
  • Hot list / Block list / Interests list. Everyone with an account at the website has these lists automatically. You can edit any list as you wish.


It is totally free to use any service at H-Date.com

Customer Service:

As a free herpes dating site, H-Date.com does not offer customer service by humans. But it has a self-help customer service system. By going to ‘Help’ option at the top navigation bar, you may find out answers to your questions over there. You can also email to H-Date if you didn’t find valuable answer to your question. But you may need to wait up to 72 hours to get an answer. Faint ?

Privacy & Safety Protection:

In fact, H-Date.com doesn’t take measures to protect users’ privacy  and safety. Users’ personal information will be indexed at the homepage when there is a chance. Our editor reads its service agreement and policy very carefully. Unfortunately, we failed to find any service agreement that is stated to this. If you are going to use this free dating website, protect yourself. The only thing that can be counted as the protection measure is that it requires email validation to use its service.

 What’s bad with H-Date.com ?

  • Lack measures to protect users.
  • Lack of valuable customer service & support
  • Very few online members. Our editor tried to use this site for around 10 times, and we saw the largest number of members online is 17.
  • The search function is rough. It is not so easy to find a decent date.
  • You will be forced to read advertisement at any time since this is a free dating website.


As one of the originated free dating websites in the herpes dating field, H-Date.com provides necessary dating features to meet the needs of herpes people who use this site. People may need spend more time on find a decent date over there since there is a small member base. If you don’t care, H-Date.com is worthy of a trial.

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