About us

HerpesDatingSite.com is a premium site that helps people living with herpes find the best path to herpes dating. It’s a depressing event when you were diagnosed with HSV-1 or HSV-2. Some of us ended romantic relationships with their lovers and kept silent. Some of us may stopped sex for long time. What we would like to do is to end this. HerpesDatingSite.com is a site about reviews on the top 10 herpes dating sites on the web. We claim to help singles with herpes and other STDs find the best path to herpes dating. We review each site all around on credibility, change of getting decent dates, best dating features, value for money, protection on users’ safety & privacy and customer service. It is our principle that we NEVER promote any herpes dating site. Our editor writes objective review on each site by having deep researching into them. When you are going to have a date after H, please read our review carefully and find the best path. If you have any question or have a better list, feel free to contact us with the form below:


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