Hzone for HIV Positive People

Hzone app for HIV peopleStar Rating on Hzone app

  • Credibility: score 9.5
  • Chance of Getting Decent Dates: score 9.6
  • Dating Features & Settings: score 9.5
  • Value for Money: score 9.5
  • Safety & Privacy Protection: Score 9.0
  • Customer Service & Support: score 9.5

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Whatever the outcome of the rank, Hzoneapp.com is acknowledged to be a dark horse in the herpes dating world of 2016. With a redesigned beautiful interface, Hzoneapp.com redesigned its website features and claims to become the top 1 dating site in HIV dating field. This website optimized its product with several specialized features like video profiles, little black book and video chat room in hope to give fresh user experience. By promising with 100% real verified users, ‘HIV gays’ can be a credible HIV dating site.

Best Dating Features: 

  • Free and easy to create a free account by filling with necessary information like username, age, password etc.
  • Free to upload personal photos and crop them. You can also make your photos private and only available to those who get authorization to see them. This measure protects users’ privacy very well.
  • Search by ‘Fresh new profiles’ is a specialized setting at Hzoneapp.com. If you are new to this site, everyone will be informed since there is a message display to the higher place of your page.                                                fresh-profile
  •  Unique profile search features for better finding the decent match. You can use search by username, distance, age, ZIP, ‘Recent online’ etc to get the results you want. Generally speaking, people get satisfied results for each set search.
  • Rapid Match. When you are using this feature, HSVsingles.com picks some users who best matches your requirements based on your needs that you tell them while registration. People can show interests to others by simply clicking on ‘Yes’ to their primary photos. And, a short message will be sent to the user to notify the interest on him / her. This is absolutely a fresh idea to help its members find date in a quicker way.
  • Feature your own profile in a prominent place to get more responses. The website needs your authorization to set your profile as featured member in prominent place on homepage and many other pages. If you don’t worry about the privacy issue, this might be a good way to help you find matches over there.set-featured
  • View video profile and join the video / audio chat room. You don’t need to worry about that you are going to talk with a fake person. And, the most important thing is that the video can help you see the look of the person on the other side very clearly. You won’t be upset after you meet in person if you chat via video before that.

Cost & Price: 

  • $24.99 for 30 days 
  • $44.99 for 90 days
  • £$74.99 for 120 days

All payments are processed by Vendo and Visa Card / Master Card are accepted.

Customer Service:

After spending 3 days trial on HSVSingles.com, our editor found this is another dating site with  most professional customer service. Our new account and newly added photos were approved within 2 hours after they were launched. We get a prompt reply beyond our expectation for a small problem concerned to profile update issue. So far, we have not find any imperfection with its customer service.

Safety & Privacy Protection:

Our editor think Hzoneapp.com is a pattern on protecting users’ safety and privacy in the HSV dating field. It has many effective measures to prevent spammers and scams from registering in the service.

  • It has a serious IP and cookie check for each profile. Once someone register or log in from the black listed IP, the profile will be closed as soon as possible. This way, online dating scams and spammers has no way to continue their lawless actions.
  • This website promises with 100% real verified members. Validation on emails is a mandatory  step for becoming a member over there.
  • It offers 24 x 7 live support, when you find someone suspected. You can report the user to the admin in time.

What’s Bad with Hzoneapp.com ? 

  • Hzoneapp.com.com only serves people with HIV and AIDS. There is a smaller member base for this site. A local search at this website may returns you no results sometimes. This is a little annoy to some members if they cannot find people nearby.
  • It still needs more serious methods to protect users’ privacy. All people with HSV don’t like their photos to be displayed in public.
  • Few members online. During the 3 days trial over there, we saw at most 32 people online in a seconds. Most of the time, the number is around 16 to 20.
  • Though it states it is a dedicated site for people with HSV-1 and HSV-2, we still see many users with other STDs. Moreover, some of the users even don’t know which STD type they have. This is not a responsible way to let them in.


A good romantic relationship involves concern and sensitivity for each other’s feeling, especially for singles with HIV. It needs courage to be honest with yourself and about yourself when we are going to date someone again. We recommend you to have a try on this exclusive HIV dating site. The reason is that if promises with 100% real verified members and it is the fastest growing HIV dating site in 2018.

Visit HSVSingles.com

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