People with HSV1 and HSV2 don’t like to meet people living with HIV for dating

According to the latest statistics, there are about half a billion persons living with living with HVS 1 and 2. Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that one in every six persons aged between 14 and 49 years in United States are living with HSV. In general terms the genital herpes statistics are quoted as approximately twenty five percent for women while for men it is ten percent. When it comes to HIV, current statistics indicate that 36.5 million persons are living with the virus. Approximately one million persons are HIV positive in United States.

Generally dating among people with HSV and HIV is rare, in most cases you will find that people with HSV do not like meeting those with HIV. In some situation you may find that those who HIV also has HSV but still dating between these two groups are not common. There are some reasons which have been advanced to explain this situation. The fact that the two conditions are viral may precipitate the argument that these two groups should have no problem dating especially given that they face stigma almost in equal measure. This is not the case, most of those with HSV have preferred partners with the same type of virus often citing HIV as more stigmatized. They also cite the difficulties in management of HIV especially when the disease is advanced as a reason why they do not want a partner who is HIV positive.

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